\n\n ymovies
-nothing really that spielburgish, but they are just short clips of youth movies and things that have taken place at Lakewood
a word from pastor corey
  is it raining cinnamon rolls?Enjoy the videos. Don’t miss out on life altering videos on the next page...if u have any questions let us know
       Glow in the Dark-Cage Ball Game
Painting Cool Beans Cafe in Youth Room
Baking-service projects for chapter 5:10 weekend
A Defining Moment at ylife as Nate Kidder (getting ready to go to Mission field to Sudan) Challenges the youth on the Chapters in our lives.
Jamison is such a nice guy...
    A clip from Christmas program @  
  Lakewood “Bethlehem’s Big Night”...a   
  few youth make their acting debut.